Wednesday, May 19, 2010

El Modelo

Wednesday May 12th 2010
El Modelo, 1715 2nd st, Albuquerque, NM

Post show, post bar, post unsuccessful attempt to find an open and functioning taco truck, we sat at the Mexican church turned underground performance venue where we played, eating peanut butter and kale sandwiches while our host Raven drew a detailed map of Albuquerque, directing us to El Modelo on our way out of town. We pulled a little bit of the ol' "Vulture Style" when he left, raiding the pantry of microwave popcorn and some sort of pasta salad mix which I was unable to stay awake for.
The morning brought an unwelcome chatter of cell phone alarm clocks, all of which were set to snooze several times before the gang was awake, aimlessly wandering the room in a groggy shuffle. We vultured some coffee, loaded up the gear, and split to get some food for the ten hour drive ahead of us.
Raven's map was full of a lot of nice details and notes, but lacked in accuracy. Where 2nd st was supposed to curve, it dead ended. Where we were supposed to turn on 1st st, it was one way in the opposite direction. Eventually, when we did find it, the Maryland license plates on the van drew quite a bit of attention from the regulars, in particular, one man.
"Where you guys from? How'd you find out about this place? I know you didn't hear about this place in Philly!", He razzed us upon our entry.
The stuffed sopapillas came recommened from both this guy and Raven as well, so thats what we all got. Raven had launched into a tirade of exaggeration while he drew us the map, "You eat one of these stuffed sopapillas man, you'll be full til' Thursday night!"
"I'll be full until we're in Texas you think?", I asked him.
"At least man, at least.", and surprisingly the man was spot on. For under three dollars we were fed copious amounts of refried beans, cheese, lettuce, and a chorizo sauce encased in a dense and crispy bread shell. A "gut bomb" they called it.
I ate about half in the parking lot and was left not only full, but in a state of panic from some spicy chile's they snuck in there. On the drive I began to wonder if I was maybe allergic to the chile's or something, as it took a while for the panic feeling to wear off, at which point I was feeling able to eat again, so I started in on my remaining half, only getting halfway through that before I was again full, and right back in the panic state.
So wouldn't you know it was a good hour into Texas that I gained the capibilities to finish the remaining quarter of it, resuming satiation, this time without panic, possibly having conditioned myself to the spice, building up a nice tolerance.
If for $2.80 I can buy something that will keep the hunger away for a solid half a day, I feel like a little spice induced panic is nothing more than an additional tax they throw in. And I don't really have a problem with that, you've gotta work for your comfort.

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  1. I eat there every time I enter Albuquerque!!! It is the best. Just order cant handle HOT! lol