Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Roadside Grill Session #1

Sunday May 2nd 2010
Roadside Grill Session #1, I-94 Rest Stop, Oriska, ND

Intrigued and I supposed inspired by the "Fish Philly" menu option we discovered at Minneapolis's Mediterranean Deli, we decided to make them for ourselves about three and a half hours into a 26 plus hour drive to Seattle.
Had the Fish Philly been ordered at the Mediterranean Deli, or were such a sandwich even offered in the city of Philadelphia it would likely be a deep fried, soggy, bottom feeding chunk of mutated aquatic life smothered in cheez whiz and onions in a stale roll.
Not interested in eating such a thing, or in possession of the correct tools to make it, we took some liberties and created a new, more personally appealing recipe with ingredients gathered from Fargo's poorly maintained Sun Mart, and grilled em up at the Oriska rest stop.
Grilled catfish, melted pepper jack cheese, and avocado, prepared and then lightly burned on the grill.

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